Case Studies

ImageBison Concrete leads the market in precast concrete technology and as such makes heavy demands on its printing solutions. Amy Nicholson finds out how Oc? equipment has helped Bison to stay on top.

ImageWhen building contractor Lakesmere needed a digital archiving solution it turned to a portal-based technology from Union Square Software.

ImageA new polygonal modelling add-on for Rhino gave furniture craftsman Peter Donders, the control he needed to bring a 1913

ImageFor the structural design of One New Change, a seven-storey, mixed office and retail redevelopment in London, Arup adopted a 3D process with Revit Structure.

ImageWith the help of Bentley

ImageKingspan Off Site made the move to Tekla Structures to assist in the design and engineering of its systems, which in turn directly drive its manufacturing process.

ImageOrdnance Survey

ImageReusing the right drill-site design data has helped reduce oil field engineering costs by $2 million for ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc. (CPAI).

ImageNonlinear FEA (Finite Element Analysis) is playing an increasingly important role in building better and more economical bridges for the future.

ImageWigan Council needed a versatile civils package to enable its engineers to work easily in 3D. The council turned to Autodesk Civil 3D.

ImageJohn Marchant recently visited the site of 5 Churchill place in London

ImageJohn Marchant attended the inaugural UK AUGI (Autodesk User Group International) Design Academy, but despite innovative workshops spread over two days, attendance figures fell short of expectations.

Beyond 3DAllies and Morrison Architects Stephen Griffin and Paul Eaton have evaluated Gehry Technologies Digital Project 3D BIM software on several recent design projects. The results so far experienced have been better design productivity, enhanced creativity and the promise of other benefits further down the line, writes Nick Lerner.

Wooden it be niceThe use of Robobat FE software at Structural Engineers evolve has enabled optimised design of laminated wood structures, writes Nick Lerner.

MicroStation at the heart of LiDAR surveying solutionsBlom Aerofilms meets the challenge posed by a growing need for rapid, accurate, and cost-effective surveying and mapping to support GIS analysis and civil engineering design applications

Young at heartThrough its adoption of AutoCAD MEP, the building services-specific version of AutoCAD, Haden Young was not only able to cuts its design cycle by weeks, but dramatically improve co-ordination.

Knowledge managementAs project-specific documentation becomes increasingly more difficult to manage, Union Square Software

BlinkOxfordshire-based architectural visualisation firm, Blink Image, was formed in 1998 by Mr Richard Birket and Mr Daniel Beinart after completing their diplomas in architecture at Oxford Brookes University.

Crystal clearLiverpool-based design consultancy Uniform took a more abstract and visual route for its promotional

3D ReproGraphics3DRG produces a range of architectural models, which are not only durable, but feature the finest of detail and are given an individual stamp through the use of applied colour. By Al Dean and Greg Corke